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  1. Is Love the Answer? Part 2.

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    January 2, 2019 by Murf

    From what I’ve experienced it turns out life can be an explosion of positive synchronicities and phenomena that help guide …
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  2. Is Love the Answer?

    April 5, 2018 by Murf

    We’ve all heard the saying “Love is the answer.”  Now, there is proof that may actually be the case. Happiness …
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#10yearchallenge #10yearschallenge #peterstormare frequently hears he looks a lot like me!
Special shout out to Magic Hands Dr. Jeff Almon from @mvmt_lab for helping me get back in action after barely being able to get out of bed this time last year! Love you buddy! Couldn’t have done it without you! . . (And I dated an RMT last year and her love and healing hands really helped too. You know who you are :) . . Thanks to your combined effort @jerrycurl24 and I are going to be unstoppable! ;) . . Forever grateful to be back in action! . . Also much love to former UofM alum and friend Rob Penz from @naturasolutions for all his sponsorship and support on and off the beach court! . . 2019 is already a kick ass year and there is a list of people I could mention that helped it be so good... . . One last shout out... to @bensaxton13 for putting so much time and effort in getting this new beach league going! Great idea and so cool! There are still sponsorship opportunities for any local business’ that may be interested in supporting!! Get at me and I’ll connect you to Ben. :) . . #love #health #cbdforvictory #sport #community #friendship #beachvolleyball #ilmlrn @nbvleague
Mom I hope you weren’t watching Global News tonight at 11. Or CTV at 11:30!! Lol My aunt sent me this pic with a :( But at least now maybe Cheech and @heytommychong will hangout with me! . . I’m officially the first buyer at the first ever legal dispensary in Vancouver, eva! Lol . (To any athletes I coach reading this pls don’t smoke weed until your brain is finished developing! Not good for ya!) . All those coffee, wine and *weed stains gone in one quick session! Thanks to @northernbrightsmile ! 😀
Big thanks to @mvmt_lab for getting me back in top form! From an S in my back last year walking and sleeping in pain to back in the gym, playing beach and now ready to rock this Sunday for our first match in the National Beach Volleyball League! . . Jared Krause and I are a force to be reckoned with! Watch out @gandy.r and @aleonidash !!! It’s on fellas!! . . Bring your A Game so it’s at least entertaining for the crowd to watch us dominate you!! ;) haha . . #beachvolleyball inaugural @nbvleague 2019 champions!! ;) 🥇🏆 #ilmlrn
Here I go again... expressing my inner “Murf Jesus.” (With a blog and a ridiculous photo from a couple years ago of me dressed as Jesus) lol . . My reality and personality drastically changed for the better after, what I believe to be, a near death experience over a decade ago. I’m finally coming to grips with my new reality so I might as well talk about it... . . What’s your reality? . . www.ilovemyliferightnow.com (click on link in my profile if this link isn’t working) . #trippy #phenomena #coincidences #synchronicities #shinelove #findyourtribe #nofilter #nojudgement #ilmlrn #vancouverblogger #blog
The first pic is the last pic I took of the totem pole in Kits Point a couple months ago. (With a bald eagle on top!) I loved meditating by that beauty and now it’s gone. :( Anyone know if it’s coming back? Last pic is of me standing where the totem pole used to be. Perhaps it’s just me but I could feel the rush of energy when I stood there “connecting”... #trippy #energy #stillblowsmymind #murfjesus #missesyou #totempole But #istillloveyou #kitsbeach #hopefullythewinddidntblowitover #imsureitllbebacksoon #visualizinglife #newyearnewgear #gogetit #ilmlrn

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