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  1. Is Love the Answer?

    January 31, 2017 by Murray

    January 2017 was one of the tougher months on record for many of us.  Not to mention 2016.  With blue …
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How to work on your ninja like reflexes. Lol w/ coach MurF Hovercrafts and skyballs... beach volleyball can be fun on your own! :) Hmm... Which one to pick? 
Apparently people work more on Wednesday's than Monday's. Beach courts were almost full this time on Monday. Lol 
Going to set up and work on my footwork and serving... And skyballs if nobody shows up to play with me before the rain comes. Lol - Coach Murray Forecast suggests "beach volleyball is a high probability this week and weekend." :) It's difficult sitting on the sidelines, in the gentle rain, with a row of empty courts knowing the beach would be packed if the sun was out like yesterday.

That's a Vancouver problem. 
Solution?? - A large quickly erecting tent setup or something cool. 
If you know of an option please let me know or just start a biz yourself so I can be your first customer. Lol 
Or - do we all just suck it up and play in the rain?... Since we have to compete in it anyways! Lol

Or - keep booking courts at 6pack? ...and just hope we don't miss the beautiful days while playing indoors. Hmm... Still yet to figure that one out... Live update... Two courts of beauties training at Kits Beach right now. :)

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