“I Love My Life Right Now’ has gone through many transitions as the “ILMLRN” team has taken on many forms and gone on many journeys.

You can gain a grasp of the fun loving nature of what ‘I love my life right now’ represents with this silly little video from years ago…

The good times all started as an online newspaper (a drupal site made by Scotty B) when I worked for Old Style Pilsner showcasing the brand as ‘MurF the Pilsner Guy.’  I used to often find myself saying “I Love My Life Right Now” and my buddy Scotty B pointed that out one day and suggest I start a website. So we did and it turned into a fun site of the Pilsner Guy’s adventures.


He gallivanted around BC in the VW Pilly Van full of swag, beer and a corporate budget. If there wasn’t something fun going on in the province like a festival, cool concert and long boarding event then I had to create my own.  So to say the least manuy many good times were had and I truly did love my life then.  I still do… just things have


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After years of throwing events for the corporate world I created a startup company that starting throwing events but didn’t have to think about the drinking aspect. So, we also mixed in some healthy activities.


Sailing trips, brewery parties, beach volleyball, free yoga, office parties, cliff jumping, camping and many other good times.  We had a cute little office in Kitsilano, Vancouver, with an amazing little team.  Everything was looking great until we hit a snag and had to push pause on the project.

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The startup plan was to do all the fun and creative events and adventures we could think of and then launch our app.  The app was going to be like tinder but for activities, events and anything fun. We asked the people of Vancouver what they wanted to do for fun and we were going to do just that on a massive scale with our core team and our ambassadors.

We were about 90% of the way done. We were about to launch our iphone app and website until we decided to push the pause button for multiple reasons.  (The jist was we ran into a software and financial snag that put everything off budget and off kilter)

Now, years later, ILMLRN has no commitment to a brand or investor. So I’m free to blog and see what happens…

In a truly grassroots fashion I’m starting http://www.ilovemyliferightnow.com again starting as a blog and with myself as the first “character.” I’m going to treat it like a book.  A book without any direction at the moment except for knowing I’m going to do my best to build a team, give back and inspire. I’ll introduce other people, ideas, places, stories and anything interesting that may help others love their lives. Starting with the first character.

Me, Murray Laidlaw.

Who am I?

Last night, while thinking about what to say about myself,  I went through my old yearbooks, report cards and classwork that my mom saved.  What really caught my attention, and actually made me laugh a lot, was my creative writing from when I was a kid.  To get to know me I’ll start way back…

(This is my creative writing folder from when I was 9 years old.  Sept. 26, 1990)

The front reads; “Hi my name is Murray. I have a brother his name is Darcy.  I like my brother.  Sometimes I like my sisters too. My Dads name is Jim. My Moms name is Jude. When it is summer holidays we go on holidays.” haha


My hometown is Prince George and I now live in Vancouver. I had all the love and support from my big family and in turn had a lot of confidence growing up.  My Dad told me from a young age that “confidence is everything” and it helped me ever since.  I was an introvert growing but I grew out of my shell years later. Below is a pic from my Kindergarten report card.

I was very introverted at a young age, except for with my best friends and family, because I was deaf until I was almost 3 years old. My family wasn’t aware of the fact that I couldn’t hear until my Mom’s best friend told her “I think your son’s retarded” because I couldn’t communicate properly.

Perhaps my Mom’s friend could have chosen nicer words but I’m glad she spoke up.  My Mom hasn’t been as good of friends with her since but she did go get me checked out after that conversation.  The Dr. discovered that I had glue ear and heard like I was under water.

So, you could imagine I would have a difficult time going to school just over 2 years after learning my first word. Even in my grade 5 report card my teacher mentions how “proud I am of Murray for concurring his fears and getting up in front of the class to do his speech.” I was terrified of public speaking for years until the first time I sang in front of my twelfth grade English class. Instead of doing a speech we were given a choice of doing something creative.  So my buddy Glen played guitar and I sang for the class.  I just closed my eyes and sang like nobody was there.

One of my friends asked recently “when did you change?”  I asked him to be more specific and he said “when did you go from such a shy young kid to the confident guy you are now” I couldn’t really give him a good answer.  I still can’t pinpoint it now that I’ve given it more thought. I think it was mostly the result of getting out of the nest and exploring.

I’ve come a long way from a shy little inconspicuous kid who would rather be a fly on the wall.  Now, at 35, I can say I’ve explored a lot of the world, I’ve played 5 seasons of semi pro volleyball overseas, I’ve been involved with planning and executing dozens of parties, concerts, festivals and countless good times around British Columbia.  I’ve started little startup companies and been involved in social good projects.  I’ve had my bumps and bruises along the way but it’s all be part of the ride. I’ve lived a very interesting and exciting life yet I still don’t know where my life is heading at the moment.

All I know is I’m going to do my best to love my life and inspire others to do the same.

How am I going to do that?  I don’t know for sure. Writing will light my way…



I love the fact that I can coach... and still really enjoy it. I think the ratio helps too! ;) Lol I actually cut one guy out of this photo to improve the ratio for picture sake. Lol Sorry Howie! 😂 (FYI I coach volleyball clinics on Tuesday nights open to the public) . . . . ... all jokes aside and for those of you who feel like “listening” to my thoughts for a minute keep reading. 😆 When I feel like I’ve “made it” in the entertainment industry it’s comforting to know I’ll still enjoy and embrace coaching along with many other aspects of life such as movie nights, Uncle time, fam and friends time, jam nights, fitness n sports, @vancouversuperleague commentating ... and, of course, I’ll love to help the Vancouver @nbvleague dominate the Calgary sister league for years to come. ;) . . . . I’m so grateful I’ve been able to live multiple dreams in this lifetime and continue to do so... From being blessed into an amazing family, to becoming an athlete, to a short stint of being a go-getting entrepreneur to now an actor/writer/producer type... So grateful to be riding this wave we call life. ❤️🙌 #ilovemyliferightnow and I’m grateful for all of you. Abundance is all around us. 🙏
@joshneufeldphoto guess it’s time for a headshot update! Looking older... and looks like I re-broke my nose. Lol But I’m ok with that! Looking older gives me a better chance to land the Dad, Uncle, middle aged man roles... and the slightly crooked nose helps for the villain roles. ;) #lessfucksgiven is #goodforthesoul #ilovemyliferightnow and I hope you do too! 🙏 #actorslife #actor 🙏
Love this! :)
Happy bday to my stud of a cousin Brodlar! Hope it’s a goohlicious and silly day! . . . “Being silly is serious business dude!” @thebrodelar
Working on a new song @ Brodlar Estates. Inspired by Full Metal Jacket. Lol “I don’t know but I’ve been told...” 😂 . . . . . Underground #musician and #vancouveractor ... #ilmlrn #actorslife :)
Thursday night jams with the cuz at Brodlar Estates. w/@thebrodelar

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