Is Love the Answer? Part 2.

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January 2, 2019 by Murf

From what I’ve experienced it turns out life can be an explosion of positive synchronicities and phenomena that help guide you through a life you love. (If that’s what you choose to think, feel, believe and be!)

This may sound weird but I’ve only been open minded enough to realize the goodness we are blessed with since a near death experience about 12 years ago.

Since then I began asking, listening, learning and keeping an open mind to what’s really going on. I’ve travelled a ton, lived in multiple countries and met thousands of people. It’s obvious there is a common thread: we are all connected through and communicate with love. (Or unfortunately hate depending on the relationship)

Before my NDE I was still a kind guy and all but I was really just a closed minded athlete who would think I was crazy for what I’m about to say. And so may you if you are still reading. lol

Since I changed my focus to be more loving, I’ve experienced unexplainable things, I’ve listened to different perspectives and my mind has been blow many times over.

I’ve watched hours of “channeling”, experienced channeling myself and listened to many other perspectives with an open mind, no judgment and discernment: from Monks, to gurus, to psychics, to scientists turned spiritual, to many others who have had similar experiences during their near death experiences and so on… and there have been similar truths throughout!

Many of those similarities, of which I’m grateful to have experienced myself, have completely blown my mind. Such as:

– I’ve heard and seen things that cannot be explained, had past life memories, healed too quickly to be considered normal, seen and experienced miracles, had too many coincidences and synchronicities to no longer NOT believe, dreamt of things before they’ve happened, thought something, right before another has said it, way too many times to think “that’s just a lucky coincidence yet again,” felt something is about to happen just before it does…and so on!

I truly believe channeling, connecting with other dimensions, clairvoyance, psychic abilities, healing through your energy field, astral projection, “believe and you shall receive,” and other mind blowing ”miracles” to be true for all of us, if we believe! If you choose to shine love then these experiences will be positive! I wouldn’t want to see what happens while living a hateful life.

Based on experiences I’ve had I know it to be true! Since so many others have had similar experiences I no longer think that “I’m just going crazy or something.” Lol

For those of you who know me clearly I do believe based on my ‘Murf Jesus’ “I love my life right now” online presence I’ve had for years! Lol Here’s me shining love dressed up as Jesus. Lol…

Lol! Turns out care bear staring is actually a thing. Your heart radiates love and people react kindly when you do. I believe this is why my life has consistently been getting better since I’ve been putting a conscious effort into loving unconditionally.

If you don’t already know, there is an abundance of other interesting mind blowing videos, books and research articles you can search online. Such as the channeling of Bashar, miracle healing, radiating loving energy, past life experiences, remote viewing, ancient wisdom downloads and discoveries, proof of lost civilizations, how love heals and many other mind blowing events and experiences.

So in short: I believe if you shine love the universe will show you many beautiful and mind blowing things!

Also, evidence that we clearly are not alone in the Universe!

2019 might be the most mind blowing year as of yet!! 🙂

If this is all new to you and this sparks your curiosity I recommend YouTubing Bashar, signing up for Gaia which is like YouTube but for spiritual stuff and other cool trippy things, google clairvoyance, see a known psychic, learn from monks, and so on. Most importantly keep an open mind… and enjoy the rabbit hole you’re about to get yourself into!

Since we really don’t know what is going on for sure, and if you can love or hate, might as well choose love, expand your consciousness and live a life you love!

Smile at the world and the world will smile back at you! 🙂

Manifest what you want and do what you need to do when you need to do it!

Love is the answer! 🙂


– Murf Jesus 😉 Lol


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