Is Love the Answer?

April 5, 2018 by Murf

We’ve all heard the saying “Love is the answer.”  Now, there is proof that may actually be the case.

Happiness is a scientific and spiritual expression of love.  Based on what I have experienced I believe through love we can find true happiness and live our most enlightened life.  


Let’s start with thinking outside the box and in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

What is the ‘frequency of love?’

I’ll explain in my own layman’s terms…

I first learned of the frequency of love through guided meditation where I was taught to visualize white light, aka love/source energy/god (or whatever you choose to call it), coming from above into my 3rd eye and below coming up through my base chakra. Repeat the process of breathing in love and exhaling any inner remonence of darkness until you imagine yourself full of loving, glowing light energy.

Is this light just my imagination? Real or not the breathing and visualizing meditation can be done quickly and it makes me feel great.

This meditation I still do today and it helps me relax and stay focused.  It’s a fantastic way to start and finish my day.  (I usually do meditate quickly in the shower.  Meditating in water feels the most cleansing to me)

The frequency of love made even more sense after reading the book ‘Power vs Force’ The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour. It explains how there are multiple frequencies.  Starting with low frequencies all the way to the highest of frequencies.  Here’s a chart from the book:

According to the chart 78% of people live at a 55% rate of happiness or lower. 😦

Increasing peoples frequency can make them happier and healthier. So, how can we increase our frequencies? Here are some interesting thoughts and findings (and just the tip of the iceberg)…

You may have heard about the experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto where he explains his discovery of the ‘Hidden Messages in Water.’

He filled multiple jars with water and labelled them differently.  He then took drops of water from all said jars and then froze them and took a peak with a microscope.  His results are mind blowing. Check out what he found…

Negative words ended up evil looking where wisdom, eternal, peace, truth and so on crystallized beautifully.  There are videos online about this study in much more detail.

So, if humans are approximately 70% water how can we tune ourselves into the frequency of love? Perhaps this is a few ways…

  • Through meditation? It’s said you can raise your vibration through meditation by welcoming love and light into your body while exhaling the darkness.
  • Through thoughts? Perhaps your thoughts can affect the frequency of the water in your body. So, loving thoughts will increase your frequency.
  • Perhaps you can tattoo positive words or affirmations on your body to change the frequency of the water within just like the experiments in the ‘Hidden Messages of Water’?
Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 2.15.26 AM

When I decided I’m “all in” with the ‘i Love My Life Right Now’ concept. (loving people unconditionally and such…)

  • Through God? Believe in Jesus or not there was also a correlation with the frequency of love. It was said that he could raise the vibration of the people around him because he was living in such a high frequency.  Apparently he radiated love which in turn raised peoples vibrations.
  • Through sound? There are studies that claim sound can also carry the frequency of love. 528hz.  Apparently so much so that this frequency heals. There is a lot of information on the web about the 528hz, Frequency of Love but I haven’t found the proof that it does actually heal. But, I’ll choose to believe.  Here is a good place to start to learn more about the Love frequency:
  • Through water? Perhaps water is tuned into the frequency of love when 528hz is played. So, maybe just maybe, singing and playing music in the frequency of love will tune all those listening.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the frequency of love the below link is an interview by Dr. Len Horowitz with more details.  He claims music is the Universal language, love is the universal healer and water is the universal solvent. “If you put them all together you have the best kept secret in history?”

So, in conclusion, it sure does seem like love is the answer.

If it is possible to change the frequency of water and sound, why don’t we make more music and drink more water in the frequency of love?

Perhaps making music in the frequency of love and sharing it will be the easiest way to help other people raise their vibrations.  In turn helping other people love their lives right now.

If enlightenment truly is a thing then perhaps helping other people raise their vibrations will help one reach enlightenment.


Tuning our bodies into the frequency of love is perhaps a secret to health and happiness.

Just a thought. 🙂

Here is John Lennon playing ‘Imagine’ in the frequency of love:

528Hz. The Frequency of Love.

Until next time,

I hope you are loving your life right now.

Murray Laidlaw



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