Is Love the Answer? Part 2

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December 12, 2017 by Murray

A video overview of part 1, more thoughts on the frequency of love and then end with a cover of an old school classic in the frequency of love.

Talk about morning water and cleanse routine. Set alarm for 15 mins before you want to get up. Get up when your alarm goes off. Drink one big glass of Love water and then go pee. Then you back to bed. This next 15 mins relax, meditate or snooze. When your alarm goes off I almost guarantee you’d need to go pee again. You feel so fresh after this 20 mins cleanse. It’s an amazing way to start the day. (re-write this paragraph)


What do I want?  I want abundance in all forms.  Starting with spending time with my friends and family. A healthy mind, body and soul. A home. An off the grid cabin.  I want to have a career that gives back to my community.  I want to play music in the frequency of love for large groups of people. I want to reach enlightenment.

What do I love?

What brings me Joy?

When do I feel at peace?

Combine all the answers, find a common thread and visualize an amazing future for myself.

Figure out a future based on my answers and then brief on what my 3 keys of success are.



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