1. Is Love the Answer? Part 2.

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    January 2, 2019 by Murf

    From what I’ve experienced it turns out life can be an explosion of positive synchronicities and phenomena that help guide …
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  2. Is Love the Answer?

    April 5, 2018 by Murf

    We’ve all heard the saying “Love is the answer.”  Now, there is proof that may actually be the case. Happiness …
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I love times like this... battling it out on an empty beach in between the pockets of rain! Thanks for stopping in @robdriscoll44 and capturing some vids. We’ll get you next time @bensaxton13 and @instagrant1234 !!! ;) #ilovemyliferightnow and I love #kitsbeach #beachvolleyball ... the season is just around the corner!
What does a “creative type” do when they have a Monday off? No auditions, acting coach is out of town, off day for the gym, no volleyball coaching, too rainy for beach volleyball, I just finished cleaning, enough groceries, lines memorized and now what?... Even though I don’t really know how to play piano I’ll try to make these black and white piano keys match the notes to the lyrics in my head! ... :) #ilovemyliferightnow #actorslife #creativetype #creativelife #beachvolleyball and other fun stuff like pursuing acting post youth... #createyourlife #ilmlrn ... and I hope you are too!
Up late having fun ‘man-infesting’ the roles I want to play... I have an exciting audition coming up and it makes me think: Should I play the role as a Jeff Bridges ‘The Dude’ style Murf? (which would actually be more like Murf-Jesus) Or should I be more serious like the second pic collage? (Which would actually be more like Murf-James) FYI Murf-Jesus and Murf-James are alter egos that sometimes pop up in my real life... and on my social media feed. Lol #actorslife #manifesting #dreams #createyourreality @thejeffbridges #murfjesus #murfjames #ilmlrn #ilovemyliferightnow
Going to miss training sessions with @bensaxton13 , @instagrant1234 and Christian while they are away on tour. . w/ @jerrycurl24 @ @6packbeach . . . Here is the longest rally I caught on tape today. Lol High kill percentages all around... . . We’re lucky to get so many quality winter touches in! . . #bringonthesummer #beachvolleyball #ilmlrn
Happy belated family day to the Laidlaw/Lamont/Kaseweter/Rafuse family. (Pic at Bryce, the bro in law’s, cabin that he built) I’m the proud youngest of 4 Laidlaw kids and now there are 3 nieces and a nephew to carry the torch. (And I may have a son in Europe somewhere. Perhaps he’ll contact me when he’s 18!) lol Just in case I better start saving for my sons post secondary! Lol #PGproud #prouduncle #prouddad ?? #nojokes #ilmlrn
@snowvolleyball @olympics 2026 anyone? Lol Just need two more all around players and we got this! ;) lol . . #beachvolleyball but on the snow. Could be fun... #ilovemyliferightnow

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