1. Is Love the Answer? Part 2.

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    January 2, 2019 by Murf

    From what I’ve experienced it turns out life can be an explosion of positive synchronicities and phenomena that help guide …
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  2. Is Love the Answer?

    April 5, 2018 by Murf

    We’ve all heard the saying “Love is the answer.”  Now, there is proof that may actually be the case. Happiness …
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I love the fact that I can coach... and still really enjoy it. I think the ratio helps too! ;) Lol I actually cut one guy out of this photo to improve the ratio for picture sake. Lol Sorry Howie! 😂 (FYI I coach volleyball clinics on Tuesday nights open to the public) . . . . ... all jokes aside and for those of you who feel like “listening” to my thoughts for a minute keep reading. 😆 When I feel like I’ve “made it” in the entertainment industry it’s comforting to know I’ll still enjoy and embrace coaching along with many other aspects of life such as movie nights, Uncle time, fam and friends time, jam nights, fitness n sports, @vancouversuperleague commentating ... and, of course, I’ll love to help the Vancouver @nbvleague dominate the Calgary sister league for years to come. ;) . . . . I’m so grateful I’ve been able to live multiple dreams in this lifetime and continue to do so... From being blessed into an amazing family, to becoming an athlete, to a short stint of being a go-getting entrepreneur to now an actor/writer/producer type... So grateful to be riding this wave we call life. ❤️🙌 #ilovemyliferightnow and I’m grateful for all of you. Abundance is all around us. 🙏
@joshneufeldphoto guess it’s time for a headshot update! Looking older... and looks like I re-broke my nose. Lol But I’m ok with that! Looking older gives me a better chance to land the Dad, Uncle, middle aged man roles... and the slightly crooked nose helps for the villain roles. ;) #lessfucksgiven is #goodforthesoul #ilovemyliferightnow and I hope you do too! 🙏 #actorslife #actor 🙏
Love this! :)
Happy bday to my stud of a cousin Brodlar! Hope it’s a goohlicious and silly day! . . . “Being silly is serious business dude!” @thebrodelar
Working on a new song @ Brodlar Estates. Inspired by Full Metal Jacket. Lol “I don’t know but I’ve been told...” 😂 . . . . . Underground #musician and #vancouveractor ... #ilmlrn #actorslife :)
Thursday night jams with the cuz at Brodlar Estates. w/@thebrodelar

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